Preliminary Advice Design

Comparative analysis of various land parameters (formerly of your acquisition) for the identification of the most viable / efficient in buying and accomplishing of your investment. You are about to take a decision of buying a land. To make the right decision which will give you a more accurate image, you need to analyze a few essential parameters. CUB Architecture can help you, under the conditions in which we pass on to a short list of 2-3 lands you are interested in. This way, we can provide specific, real information through the prism of urban indicators and cardinal point in conjunction with each other.

Efficiency analysis of land owned/ purchased by you for your targeted investment

To get a better picture on what can be developed on your land, the values for each urban indicator must be calculated and create a link between them. Specifically, a constructible land can only be given under the conditions in which certain criteria must be respected simultaneously. Knowing this information, you can have an advantage in negotiating the purchase price of the land and also to make a business plan as close to reality as possible. It is the first important step to get a clear picture. For example, if a land has an occupancy rate of 60% on an area of 500 sqm, with dimensions of 20 x 25 m, it will give a constructible area of 300 sqm;  but considering the required minimum withdrawals of the Rules of Urban Planning, namely, a minimum of 3 m from the lateral boundaries and 5 m from the front and back boundaries, will result a constructible land of  only 210 sqm , leaving you to do all the actual calculations.

Commercial feasibility analysis (for residential or office projects) in a partnership with the real estate ESOP

Depending on the urban setup of each land established in the General Urban Plan or Regional Regulations you can have the opportunity to choose which utility (or merged utilities) you will give to the future building. Through our partners in the building and real estate segment, we can provide you an analysis for your future investment, regarding your investment costs, construction costs, possible sale prices in certain margin, so you will be able to have a clear picture of the investment depreciation and its profitability. It is also important to have a plan in terms of design time, project authorization, execution and delivery with key moments where you have to make payments, and begin to charge.

Specialized geo-technical and topographical studies land and construction expertise

Since most real estate developers are busy people, CUB Architecture can help you with specialized services that would fall in your task relieving you from time and effort. Thus, in order to start the design process, at least two specialized studies must be done, namely, a topographic survey of the land resulting the three – dimensional coordinates of your land and also a geotechnical study of all the land on which the building will be made –   it is very important because, depending on this the scaling of the groundwork and the structural strength calculations will be done. If it is necessary, we can take care of the resistance expertise or other specialized studies required by the authorities for the proper development of the entire procedure.

 Design of urban planning studies

Under the conditions in which it is required by the Urban Certificate, issued by the region’s City Hall, for a Regional Urban Plan or a Detail Urban Plan to be created, we can also help you with these services along with our trained collaborators, contracted directly by you or by CUB Architecture.

Architectural studies

When we have the land that best meet our needs, based on the initial design approach, we shall start the architecture design process. Knowing all this, we can create your design project along with you, or if you have any other building development experience, you can send us your own design theme. The data in the Cub design can provide you one or several studies resulting in plans, facades, sections and whole three-dimensional images and/or detail as appropriate. These will be the structure for the development of the design themes for different experts in (structures and plumbing, thermal, electrical facilities, ventilation, low voltage).

Design for feasibility study phase (architecture, structure and plumbing) with estimates of costs and materials

Based on our previous experience and also in connection with our partners in construction and real estate, based on the study of architecture we shall be able to make cost estimates for your future investment, so that our experts can make an estimate of total costs and also when payment must be made.

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