3 A-Class Office Buiding Ensemble in Bucharest, 6th District - CUB Architecture portfolio

PORTFOLIO»Office / Industrial / Retail»IMOB - 3 A-Class Office Buiding Ensemble in Bucharest, 6th District - CUB Architecture portfolio
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Built surface: terrain = 15.640sqm; total built area 96.650sqm
Level layout: 2UG + GF + 7F + 14F
Project code: IMOB

Concept Design. estimated budget of euro 880/sqm [strictly for the building]

we present a study - concept design - for a set of office buildings. The ensemble consists of three independent buildings and two-storey underground parking occupying almost the whole site's area.
Some information about the site and the proposed buildings: The site's area is 15.640 sqm. Its location is in Bucharest, in the 6th district. The ground floor area is 5.886 sqm and the total upground built area is 67.868 sqm. The built area of the underground is 28.782 sqm. There are 946 parking spaces. The total built area is 96.950 sqm, on the three 16-storey buildings.
Some data about the aesthetics that we propose: The site is ideal for office buildings, as it benefits of visual opening to the city on 3 sides and and on the fourth by a green park. The ensemble consists of three buildings, of which two identical in design and utility, but different by color. Even if two of the buildings are identical, all the facades will seem different from any perspective, providing unique facades. The facades' design is defined by a 1x1m "pixel" game - glass panels or metallic sun shading systems applied to the glass curtain walls, in order to create different interior spaces.
The site is available for sale; further information about the site, the planimetric configuration and utility properties can be provided via email or telephone.

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