Office building in Central Area

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Built surface: 2.950 sqm
Level layout: 2UG+GF+6F+7tech
Project code: BVBR

Concept Design. estimated budget of euro 850/sqm [strictly for the building]

For the future Company Headquarters, we propose a concept for an office building located in the central area of Bucharest, with a height regime of 2UG+GF+6F+7Tech, with a total estimated surface of 2.950sqm.
Since the emplacement allows a perimeter guidance in all directions, we tried to offer the volume a unique image through simple lines. Also, the integration inside the existent context determined us to move away from the typical curtain façade, and to head to a more opaque general image, at the same time leaving light to enter inside the working space.
Thus, the challenge consisted in the creation of an office ambient interior (a brighter space during daytime) with a translucent façade towards the exterior. And so, we propose the use of a semi-transparent material, having the possibility of personal integrated solar control of light.
To use natural light in our advantage, we propose for the North – North-West façade (as well as the main acces area) the use of solar controlled glass which, following the next facades, will leave an “enveloping” sensation.

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