OFFICE PLANNING - Integrated Services of Interior Design, Technical Design and Authorization for office space

Documentation and simulations to promote the project to the final customers

Promoting and selling/renting your project will consist of a special communication material, useful and necessary for your marketing department or real estate consultants with whom you collaborate. Such presentation materials will be designed for the needs of the final customer, presenting the information in the most attractive and easiest way to understand it.

Change/(re)partitioning services according to the needs of the final customer

  1. For residential buildings - the merging of 2 houses, repartitioning according to the needs of the tenants, etc.

It is important that for new buildings to think from the very beginning, a simple and modulated structure so that it would allow changes over time, depending on each final beneficiary/buyer. For example, if we have a 2 room apartment and a studio, to be able to change them in a 3 room apartment, thus facilitating the process and timing for sale.

  1. For office buildings - full services of office planning according to the tenant organization chart, project execution with cost estimates, opinions and licensing of space.


CUB Architecture is one of the offices with the highest expertise in the office planning / design segment.  We have realized projects totaling over 65000 sqm, for companies such as Oracle, Ipsos, ENEL, DHL, Sanofi, Aventis, KRKA, etc. In the initial stage of dialogue with any potential tenant, we support your steps by creating graphic illustrations (space planning) on the way, in which your property effectively accommodates the tenant company. After a rent contract was signed, we can provide all the necessary services to move/relocate in space: partition execution projects (including utility adjustments, if it is necessary) site assistance and approval by authorities (City Hall, fire brigade, etc.) to function in legal parameters, both the tenant and the building as a whole.

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