General Design / Architectural Projects, Structures and Facilities (plumbing, electrical and thermo-ventilation)

Certification and authorization

CUB Architecture, as the general designer, handles all the necessary documents that lies in its tasks (or those that you can make in your name to leave you more spare time) so that to obtain opinions and agreements required by the Urban Certificate from the competent authorities. Also, CUB Architecture, through its collaborators, is in charge of submitting, monitoring and lifting these opinions and agreements from the issuing authorities.

Technical design and execution details

CUB Architecture will provide all projects of architecture, structures, plumbing, heating, electrical, low voltage and ventilation that you need for execution, in all phases, from the details of execution. They also contain estimates of construction materials, for each specialty.

Cost management consulting in analyzing contractor bids for materials and services

CUB Architecture (along with/ or through its partners on side of project management can arrange collecting material and service offers from various suppliers, their analysis and assistance in contract negotiations, terms of delivery, transportation and warehousing construction site and their coordination in the execution itself.

Construction site supervision and assistance in implementation

Assistance on site is done according to the law in determining phases required by the State Inspectorate in constructions and also by the advised representatives demanded by you or by the builder. This service comes to your support in order to verify the conformity of the project and to give you solutions in non-compliant situations from the construction site.

Post-execution consulting

In the light of our gained experience, CUB Architecture can advise you about the stages of post execution, from the reception of the works, up to registering the property in the land registry, obtaining working permits in a space or any other specific requirements of your own or of your prospective tenants.

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