Rezidential Unit with 70 apartments, Bucharest, 6th District

PORTFOLIO»Residential Units»DBVH - Rezidential Unit with 70 apartments, Bucharest, 6th District
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Built surface: 8741.35 sqm + terraces, 7446.6 sqm above the ground
Level layout: Sb+Gf+5F+8F
Project code: DBVH

Concept Design, Estimated budget at 550 euro/sqm [reported strictly to the building]

The project tries to offer an eligible proportion between the inhabitable space, the living inside the collective system and the home comfort of each apartment. We chose a rectangular, but sculptural composition, with two independent volumes divergently oriented, offering intimacy to most of the apartments.
The apartment scheme offers the possibility of generous interior spaces, treated as a coherent ensemble of individual overlaid home units, breaking the specific repetitiveness of the "block of flats" system, with an arrhythmic treatment of the balconies and loggias.
The played aesthetics of the terraces has also a functional role of protecting the privacy of each apartment, being oriented divergently one from the other. The varied dimension and position of the walls which define the balconies offers uniqueness to each apartment from an aesthetic point of view, despite the repetitive functional typology of the interiors.
The two volumes of different height define two interior independent plazas, treated as community spaces, welcoming spaces for the commercial areas at the ground floor. For the illumination and animation of these open spaces, which cannot be converted in green areas, being on top of a semi-basement, we proposed a typology of branched lighting objects, whose bulbs glow at night and on cloudy days, thus finalizing the aesthetic uniqueness of the ensemble inside the urban space of the city.


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